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Elves and Shoemaker Elves and Shoemaker

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Funny as

Let's start off with the name of this flash. "Elves and Shoemaker" that doesn't sound right, should have tried "Shoemaker and Elves" but that is nothing too big.

Voices=> They were pretty hard to understand and very robotic, they also seemed to have some sort of a lisp or something, yet again, Speakonia IS a free program so can't expect much from it.

Spelling=> I noticed a small error in the intro, you said "Bear" hands instead of Bare, which was pretty stupid but broadened my imagination of the Flash

Animation: What can I say? you do not try, I mean seriously? the shoemaker moving side by side isn't really acceptable for a Walking animation
The drawings were overall bad.

High score?=> This was pretty funny, what could I say eh? It was worth the chuckle

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Mia responds:


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Kill Pico Kill Pico

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Well let's just start off on how this game was the Ripped FLA of your game, Kill Dylan 4. That was disapointing, all you really did was change the Dylan character to a Pixel version of Pico.

Controls--> I just click the buttons? Not much of a challenge

Death Animations--> Wow, They sucked, looked like they were made in 5minutes flat.

Humor--> It was pretty funny I give you that, I think one key action of it's comical aspect was the fact it was so poorly designed!
(Now I'm not saying that's a good thing at all) but still humorous.

Original--> It actually kinda was, My favorite death was the credits themselves I was not expecting a death from Pico on that!

BanglaBoy96--> Can you point out what he did to contribute to this Flash Game?

Audio--> One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy 7 on PS1. Not a bad Audio Choice but that game sucks.
Also, perhaps you could have changed the "Sephiroth" vocal in the song to "Pico" to suit the game.

Tips--> Try adding abit of a challenge next time and don't rip off your own FLAs, it's unproffesional and you showed you thought that you "needed" a Pico Day Flash just for the sake of it.
Your Ideas are nice along with BanglaBoy96's. I hope you get serious about Flash 8/s3 some day.


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Mia responds:

BanglaBoy96 made some death ideas
FF7 kicks ass
I don't have an epic choir.

Smiley Shooter (SAZA) Smiley Shooter (SAZA)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Lets go through the Game in this review. Starting with the Title Itself. "Smiley Shooter" abit unoriginal for a name and there is so much space shooters on Newgrounds already, as there is with every other type of Genre.

Controls- Glad you used the Arrow keys instead of the WASD keys, although I think people might have a problem with that so you should make it more user friendly, allow the player to chos the controls.
Fire Button--> I have alot to say about this, It's possibly the worst button that you could pick for a fire button. Space with have been Ideal seeing how you didn't need it for anything else.

Enemies--> not well designed with the exception of the Troll Face, Awesome Face, The Saza boss snake thing and the Blue enemy.

Upgrades--> Very basic upgrades, I expected more to fly at me. I thought some more weapon upgrades would have been a very nice touch.

Design of Shooter--> Seeing how the worst drawn thing was the Space shooter ITSELF was a let down, how long did it take you to draw the Garbage? 1,2 5 seconds?

ADDICTING--> Heck yes! And I'll tell you why, most space shooters have a very small choice on enemies, While this one we had Trollfaces spilting into more! It made me laugh when I entered a storm of them Hence losing a life and the only weapon upgrade.

Tips--> Try to make more levels, try to get an artist for your games, Research the most user friendly controls. And why not add in some Medals and a scoreboard feature?

Overall, a very well made Mini Flash game

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BanglaBoy96 responds:

This is a well written review, thank you

Target Shooting XTRA Target Shooting XTRA

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


This Had no real "Original" gameplay and wasn't that fun either, I was simple clicking Targets and competing for the high score, The Graphics were alright but the game overall wasn't memorable and not that challenging,

5/10 For the "Average" flash
3/5 for being nice :)

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