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Elves and Shoemaker Elves and Shoemaker

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Funny as

Let's start off with the name of this flash. "Elves and Shoemaker" that doesn't sound right, should have tried "Shoemaker and Elves" but that is nothing too big.

Voices=> They were pretty hard to understand and very robotic, they also seemed to have some sort of a lisp or something, yet again, Speakonia IS a free program so can't expect much from it.

Spelling=> I noticed a small error in the intro, you said "Bear" hands instead of Bare, which was pretty stupid but broadened my imagination of the Flash

Animation: What can I say? you do not try, I mean seriously? the shoemaker moving side by side isn't really acceptable for a Walking animation
The drawings were overall bad.

High score?=> This was pretty funny, what could I say eh? It was worth the chuckle

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